At Extremely Detailed we pride ourselves on not only our work, but how our clients feel about the services provided.

Amazing... that's all I can say. Extremely Detailed took our car that had been "lived in" for months by 2 adults, a kid and a dog and turned it back into the sporty sedan I remembered driving off the lot. Minor scratches, annoying spots on the seats and crusty salt stains were removed completely—but best of all, I could see my reflection in the paint. That says a lot for a 3 year old black car! Extremely Detailed goes above and beyond to make sure you're a happy customer and he's a really nice guy to deal with. I've recommend their services to my friends and family and we've always been blown away with the results. Give them a call, you'll be blown away too!



Very impressed with the care that they took with my car, detailing it like it was their own. The products that Extremely Detailed used made my car look like new.



Extremely Detailed far surpassed our expectations! We had been building a fence in our backyard, and our vehicle had become a mess of dirt, wood, and concrete dust (on top of a winter's worth of salt ground our carpets). Sandro and Drew were so professional, so friendly, and they didn't miss a spot. Our Escape looks brand new, inside and out! And the best part - they come right to your house to do it, so you don't have to sit around a shop waiting for your car to be cleaned.

We will definitely be doing this a couple times a year!



We drive a 2004 Honda Civic that was in desperate need of cleaning. With having a variety of passengers, there had been numerous spills that created deep stains. Extremely Detailed spent a very productive day detailing and the results were incredible. It literally appeared as if this 2004 car was newly off the lot. Our house has a steady stream of clients, family and friends, who expressed amazement that Extremely Detailed had created such a shining, clean car. It was a pleasure to drive and we will be looking forward to a repeat detailing this coming spring! Our other Honda is ready for detailing as well and it will be a creative challenge! The fact that they came to us was a huge asset in time. Drew’s professionalism is matched by his pleasant and courteous personality, a true gentleman! Thank you Extremely Detailed!


Unbelievable!!! I have a black MDX, where the dealer was unable to get a large scratch out, and actually made it worse....Extremely Detailed came through, even the dealer was suprised. Excellent customer service, and went well beyond what I was expecting.


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