Extremely Detailed caters to you,
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but the best for their vehicle.

We offer the finest environmentally conscious mobile detailing service in the Tri-City and Guelph Area.

Standard Services

Hand Wash
Interior Detail
Exterior Detail
Interior Shampoo


Extra Services

Clay Bar


A clay bar is made of a synthetic poly-elastic material and used to remove surface contaminants from the surface of your vehicle. Washing and even polishing alone, will not remove these contaminants such as overspray, brake / rail dust. This process ensures the paint surface is ready for further processing. Once the clay bar treatment is complete, the vehicle will be waxed to protect the newly uncontaminated surface.

$75 / hour

Paint Correction


Eliminating swirl marks, minor scratches, and oxidization consists of polishing the vehicles surface after a Clay bar treatment has been completed. The polish will smooth the swirl marks and minor scratches so they do not reflect light making them disappear.

$60 / hour

Scratch / Scuff Removal


Scratches and Scuffs are removed in a 3 step process. First the area is cleaned and the affected area is manually worked on with a polishing compound. The next step consists of polishing the area to remove any swirl marks or minor scratch remnants.  The last process is to apply a wax protecting the vehicles surface.

$50 / hour

Engine Bay Cleaning


The engine compartment is one of the last places you might feel needs a professional detailing. However a regular cleaning will make it easier to locate engine problems. We use an environmentally friendly degreaser, to clean and restore your engine compartment to a factory like shine.

$50 / hour

Commercial & Fleet Services


Save the cost and hassle of organizing a drop off and pickup. Extremely Detailed offers Commercial and Fleet Services for area clients. Our mobile team can be arranged to detail at your location. In many cases because of the rinse less system, our service can be provided all year round inside e.g. maintenance bays, large garages etc.

References available upon request.

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All services minimum charge 1 hour.